Kristal Melbye

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Kristal Melbye is a

former classroom teacher,

a parent of four,

a Trainer of 

Love and Logic® and

Siblings without Rivalry®,

a speaker, and a

parent coach.

Have more


with your kids!

Kristal Melbye has a degree in Elementary Education with graduate work in Special Education.  She began her career teaching for seven years in Milwaukee Public Schools until her first child was born.

When she began her family, she started researching parenting philosophies. Many made sense to her but seemed lacking. When she found Love and Logic, she knew it was exactly what she'd been looking for. She loved how it held children responsible for their behavior while focusing on keeping a strong relationship with them.  

She used Love and Logic on each of her own children and when her youngest children, twins, turned a year old, she became a Love and Logic facilitator.  


She often wished she'd known the skills when she was a classroom teacher, so she started working with teachers and staff as well.

With four children of her own, she also decided it couldn't hurt to become a Siblings without Rivalry trainer, as well!

She teaches Love and Logic classes and seminars for parents and educators, Siblings without Rivalry classes for parents, as well as doing individual in-home Parent Coaching. 


Her goal is to help adults build strong relationships with the children in their lives to help the children grow into respectful and responsible adults.

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"My husband and I took a Love & Logic course with Kristal Melbye, and now, over a year later, I continue to rely on her as my NUMBER 1 resource for all of the crazy things that come up in the world of parenting. Kristal has such a calm and real demeanor and takes the time to really think through your questions and come up with solutions that not only fit your specific challenges, but also fit your personalities as parents. It is obvious that Kristal really loves what she does and is most definitely very talented in the field. She has given us so many tools that have truly allowed us to parent in a way that’s productive and positive. And, because we’re only human, we often revisit our notes from our various classes and discussions with Kristal when faced with a new parenting challenge. I cannot recommend Kristal enough! She’s truly a parenting guru."

—  Melissa, Mom of 2 in Shorewood

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